Christmas will be a bit different this year, so it's  a perfect time to introduce new traditions  with personalised festive gifts and decor. 

We all know Santa uses magic to visit you on Christmas Eve. This personalised magic key is the perfect way for him to be able to leave the presents under your tree.

Here's how it works:

This key is very special, you see,

It won’t work for you or me ...

Hang it just outside your door, 

Go to bed and worry no more ...

Close your eyes and close them tight,

Because Santa Claus is coming tonight.


Ideal as a gift or the start of a new tradition for your family.


Why not let it take pride of place in the top of a personalised Christmas Eve box. 

Personalised Santa's magic key

  • Metal key with a snowflake charm, and red ribbon

    Key length approximately 12cm

    One side says 'Santa's Magic key'. The other side is ready for your personalisation.